Do You Love Aromas & Creating Essential Oil Blends?

by Andrea Butje on July 30, 2014

perfume bottleAromas are experienced through the breath, and
greatly impact our experience of the world.

Think of how you feel when you step out the front door and take in that first breath of springtime. How does the tang of freshly grated lemon zest make you feel? What happens for you when
you bury your nose in a delicious rose?

We can create deeply therapeutic and purely pleasurable experiences with aromatherapy. When we inhale, bringing in fresh oxygen, we also breathe in the molecules of aromas. Essential oils have the ability to support our emotional world, influence health and immunity and stimulate memory recall.

Our inner worlds are deeply affected by what we breathe in.

When blending essential oils to create an aroma you love, it  is a creative, artistic process, not unlike mixing colors for a painting or creating a delicious salad. Follow your own sense of what smells good to you, making small adjustments to suit your mood.

When blending to create a therapeutic  blend it helps to know the chemistry of the oils you’re using. The chemistry can help you decide which oils will best address the issue you are blending for and will also inform you of any safety considerations.

I love combining  beautiful aromas with a specific therapeutic action. What do you love about blending?

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A Great Idea For Using Lavender Around Babies

by Andrea Butje on July 22, 2014

baby on shoulderOne of the most frequent questions I get at Aromahead is how to safely use essential oils around babies. I have an approach to share with you that works really well!

I find that using essential oils around the baby often brings about healing effects, without ever having to apply the oils to the baby’s sensitive skin.

One of my favorite techniques to teach moms and dads is to apply the oils in a blend to their own backs or shoulders (not to the baby’s back), and then when they hold their baby, the healing oils are inhaled. It’s just enough! And it’s a nice way for baby and parents to bond.

The aromas can increase a baby’s sense of security, and as the child gets older, they come to associate the scent with security and reassurance, which can be really powerful to help calm anxiety issues.

One drop of lavender in some unscented cream or lotion is a great oil to begin with to calm the baby (and the parents!). If you try it, let us know how it goes by commenting below. Thanks!


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Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

June 23, 2014

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