All Natural Bug Spray Recipe Review

by Maria on August 6, 2008

natural bug sprayA reader sent us this wonderful review of our natural bug spray recipe, and we just had to share it!

My son suffered from eczema as a baby and has sensitive skin. He also has a severe peanut allergy. As a result, I am always very cautious about what I put on his body! This month, I had the fortunate experience of personally testing Andrea’s natural bug spray blend recipe.

The first thing I noticed is that this blend smells very nice. Since it is made up primarily of Frankincense hydrosol, the aroma is very resinous. If you’re not familiar with the scent, think of a mixture of church-smells and burning incense. I was a little worried that my toddler would be put off by the scent, but he loved it!

The sensation is extremely refreshing. We had been out of the pool for a while when we gave it a try, and everyone was getting very hot from the muggy weather. My son loved the feeling of the gentle spritz and wanted to help me spray it all over him.

We were not experiencing mosquito problems when we used Andrea’s blend, but we were experiencing tons of gnat bites. The spray worked wonders on these small, annoying bugs!

Unlike commercial sprays, you do need to reapply often. There are no harsh chemical additives in this natural bug spray to make it stay on your skin. The good news is, it smells very pleasant and it feels wonderful to reapply. If you have ever used an expensive face or body refresher spray, you know the feeling.

Best of all? I knew my son could enjoy some sticky watermelon without me worrying that he was going to accidentally ingest harsh chemicals. (That being said, I still refrained from using much on his hands, and when we used it on his face, we did not spray directly but wiped it on there gently.)

Andrea’s natural bug spray gets a hearty thumbs up from me and my family!

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