A Student’s Perspective: Tomoko’s Thoughts

by Andrea on June 22, 2010

smallAs educators, we have the privilege of reading research papers written by Aromahead students with many perspectives and unique insights.

Tomoko is an Aromahead student studying with the online Aromatherapy Certification Program.

She recently submitted her research paper and I asked her permission to share the end of her paper with you.

“We all are living with nature’s blessings. From plants, we have gotten food, and medicine which heals out bodies and clears our minds. We can get energy from trees and plants by inhaling their oxygen. Plants help us continuously.

Now, the Earth is being harmed with deep scars. Now it is harder to restore the earth. We can use essential oils rather than synthetic detergents to clean our kitchens and house. Each small step in the world can help to clean the oceans and rivers. Aromatherapy is fun, feels good, and fills the room with pleasant scents from nature. We can use it in everyday life. People may become healthy and full of vitality. If a lot of people heal themselves at a deep level, the earth might heal as well.

“Aromatherapy is one of the gifts from the natural world. People can become more friendly with this and they might start to listen carefully to nature’s voice.”

Written by Tomoko Matsukawa, Japan, 2010
Email: tomokoferguson@hotmail.com

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