Natal Mahogany (Trichilia emetica)

by Andrea on December 7, 2010

Natal Mahogany oilRecently I was introduced to a really fabulous new carrier oil called Natal Mahogany (also called Mafura oil or Cape Mahogany).

The Natal Mahogany tree (Trichilia emetica) is a majestic hardwood tree. It can grow over 65 feet tall. The aromatic flowers are creamy and yellow, and the fruit is filled with bright red seeds, full of rich oil. The aroma of the oil is rich, nutty and full of character.

At room temperature the oil is a liquid, turning into a soft butter at temperatures below 65 degrees.

My favorite story about this lovely carrier oil is that in South Africa, monkeys eat the flowers, and baboons, antelopes and giraffes indulge in the fruit. What a great image!

Properties of Natal Mahogany

•  nourishing for skin
•  healing for cuts and wounds
•  reputed to help with rheumatic pain
•  used for hair treatments

Aromatics International is now carrying Natal Mahogany from South Africa.

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