My Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers

by Andrea Butje on October 23, 2013

I’ve been receiving questions by email and on social media about what are my favorite essential oil diffusers – take a peek below at the diffusers from a company I love called Puzhen!

Right away I want to tell you that I asked Puzhen if they could offer a 10% discount to the Aromahead community. They said yes!

Use code aromahead10 at check out.

Five-SenseĀ® Yun Aroma Diffuser

favorite-essential-oil-diffusers-five-sense-yun-aroma-diffuserAn exquisite piece of art, the Yun Aroma Diffuser is my favorite diffuser from Puzhen. Soothing music is built in, you can connect your MP3 player to play your own music, or it can run without music!

Optional soft LED lights contribute to the atmosphere, and a remote control makes Yun easy to operate. The “natural wood base and hand-blown glass top embody the concept of yin and yang.”

Regular Price: $369
Price After Aromahead Discount: $332.10

Read more about the Five-SenseĀ® Yun Aroma Diffuser.


Touch Aroma Diffuser

favorite-essential-oil-diffusers-touch-aroma-diffuserA new innovation from Puzhen, the Touch Aroma Diffuser works through touch. Gently diffuse oils and display warm LED lights by gliding your fingers over any part of the ceramic body, and simply tap the diffuser to turn it off.

Hold your fingers on the body for 3 seconds, and the lights will gradually fade. Touch again for 3 seconds, and the light will gradually bright up. This diffuser combines “ancient wisdom with contemporary charm.”

Regular Price: $169
Price After Aromahead Discount: $152.10

Read more about the Touch Aroma Diffuser.


Bamboo Aroma Diffuser


This diffuser is lightweight and sleek! I move it around the house to use it in different rooms. If you’re traveling by car, the Bamboo Aroma Diffuser is perfect (it’s not really small, but it is light). It is sturdy, weighs very little and travels well. It has a few different time settings, and I love the color options (white, green and coffee).

Regular Price: $119
Price After Aromahead Discount: $107.10

Read more about the Bamboo Aroma Diffuser.

Don’t forget to use discount code aromahead10 to get 10% off your purchase of Puzhen diffuser!

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