Tata Harper Skincare

  • Whiting, Vermont

Tata Harper Skincare is a 100% natural skincare line using ingredients from all over the world for all types of skincare issues and needs. Innovative natural ingredient technology, and all natural plant based formulas are in the forefront of all operations here at the farm. All Natural, non-toxic products for a fresh start in skincare.

Donation: 125 ml Regenerating Cleanser ($75); 125 ml Revitalizing Body Oil ($90); 50 ml Rejuvenating Serum ($150); 30 ml Resurfacing Mask ($55); 10 ml Replenishing Nutrient Complex ($45); 5 ml Aromatic Bedtime Treatment ($60); 5ml Aromatic Stress Treatment ($80); 5 ml Aromatic Irritability Treatment ($65); total of $620

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