conifer essential oils

If you’re a fan of Pine essential oil, take a sneak peek into the Component Blending class at Aromahead Institute! True confession: I spent months developing this class for both in-person and online attendance, just so I could ┬ádo nothing but┬ásmell and blend with Spruce, Fir and Pine essential oil! Okay, there’s more. I wanted […]


Conifer Blog Posts

by Andrea Butje on March 28, 2012

Over the last few years, I’ve written a few blog posts on different conifer essential oils. Conifer essential oils are just wonderful. Not only do they smell like you’re smack in the middle of a pine forest, but they have a multitude of medicinal and emotional benefits. This post on Balsam Fir describes the essential […]

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The Healing Potential of Sitka Spruce

by Andrea on February 16, 2010

Common name: Sitka Spruce Latin name: Picea sitchensis I’m always interested in essential oils that contain beta-myrcene in their chemical make-up. The most recent Sitka Spruce we imported from one of our French distillers has 23.5% beta-myrcene. The research on beta-myrcene indicates that the component offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory and CNS (Central Nervous System) sedative effects. […]