German Chamomile in Nepal

by Andrea on June 3, 2010

Our wonderful Nepal German Chamomile distillers!


Aromatherapy Travel Kits

by Andrea on December 11, 2009

At Aromahead Institute we make aromatherapy travel kits during the Aromatherapy Certification Program. Aromatherapy travel kits make traveling–not to mention vacation–more enjoyable all around! And they allow you to be prepared for unexpected events. Below is a list of all the blends we made in small travel sized bottles (such cute bottles!). Each person chose […]


Canadian Essential Oil Distiller

by Andrea on July 23, 2009

Visiting Aliksir Distillery was the highlight of our recent trip to Canada! The farm is located in Grondines, a small rural municipality of the Comté de Portneuf bordering the St-Lawrence River in Quebec. Aliksir has been producing essential oils since 1988. It has always been a family business focused on medicinal plants and healing with essential oils. I […]


Airline travel is a source of stress for almost everyone.  Between fear of flying, cramped seats, luggage restrictions and security lines, it’s easy to see why those terminal bars are packed with people grabbing a pre-flight cocktail.  All the same, skip the drink next time you fly–it will only make you dehydrated and cranky! Travel […]

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Finding Bergamot in Southern Italy

by Andrea on June 13, 2008

A trip in search of Bergamot in Southern Italy! Happily, we learned of a wonderful Bergamot producer in the “toe” of Italy, in the region of Calabria. So after an enchanting two days in Rome, we flew to Calabria, and continued by car along the Mediterranean Sea on a beautiful, twisting road through the small towns and […]


Helichrysum in Corsica

by Andrea on June 8, 2008

An inspiring trip to Corsica and France. In Corsica, I visited a distiller, Michele, who I’ve been buying essential oils from this year. It was Helichrysum season, and I had the amazing opportunity to learn to harvest Helichrysum in the mountains with Michele and her crew. Corsica is absolutely full of Helichrysum! It grows wild in […]