Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Instructor: Andrea Butje
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Teacher Training

Andrea Butje has been training teachers since 1995. Her inspired approach to teaching and creating community is changing the aromatherapy educational paradigm.

By completing this class, you are granted copyright permission for the use of Aromahead Institute's 2-day student manual to use in your own aromatherapy classes. Use the manual to create handouts and instructions, edit it as much as you like (or not at all), put your name on it, and tailor it to your own needs. Andrea is committed to helping you help your students!

You will finish this course ready to teach 1, 2 and 3-hour classes and 1 and 2-Day aromatherapy workshops.

Course Overview

Aromahead Institute's 5-Day Teacher Training Program offers aromatherapists the opportunity to develop dynamic and effective teaching methods for facilitating aromatherapy classes. Learn to develop professional curriculum, use a manual written by Andrea in your own classes, and make teaching a significant part of your work with essential oils.

Together, we will brainstorm and develop an inspiring list of aromatherapy classes and workshops, along with class outlines, to jump-start your curriculum.

We will cover:

  • A detailed teaching outline for leading 1 and 2-day aromatherapy workshops. The outline includes what material to teach, how to approach presentation of the material, blending activities, instructions to give for each activity, timing of each activity, a logical order for teaching the material and more!
  • Organizing and purchasing essential oils and blending supplies.
  • Resources for organizing and purchasing essential oils and blending supplies.
  • Approaches to tracking and understanding teaching expenses and income.
  • Resources for educational journals and books that will continue to support teaching and ongoing education.
  • You’ll also have an opportunity to purchase a set of teaching oils with GC/MS reports at a discount!

Students Receive:

  • The copyrights to the student manual, which details outlines for teaching a 2-day aromatherapy workshop, and which also includes clear information on:
  • Essential oils.
  • Specific essential oil data sheets for 20 essential oils.
  • Essential oil safety.
  • The therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • Essential oil and aromatherapy recipes.
  • Comprehensive resources for all aspects of teaching.
  • Recommended reading lists.

Tuition and Payment Plans

You may pay in full ($1,000), or we have a payment plan available. A deposit of $350 is required to register for the course. Once the deposit has been made, the remaining tuition balance of $650 can be paid over several months. Please email Andrea directly to establish your payment plan: andrea@aromahead.com.

CEU’s: This program is approved for Massage Therapy in New York for 36 hours, in Florida and by NCBTMB for 35 hours.


Aromahead Institutes 200-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program or equivalent training in the uses of essential oils.