Graduate: Kate O'Hara

Kate O'Hara

Kate O'Hara
Aromaste' Clinical Aromatherapy

Syracuse, NY

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Therapeutic essential oil products and custom blends. All products are handcrafted in microbatches using the finest ingredients and love. Aromaste' knows what we put "on" our body goes "into" our bodies. 

Clinical Aromatherapist and essential oil educator, Kate O'Hara is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and learn how to use essential oils therapeutically and also how to clean your environment with less toxic alternatives utilizing essential oils. Class schedule and blog COMING SOON!

Course Offerings Include:

* First Aid Aromatherapy: Adding essential oils to your first aid kit. You will wonder how you ever lived without them

* Greener Cleaner: Creating Non-Toxic, Effective Products to Reduce/Eliminate Allergies, Asthma and Other Health Concerns

* Stress Less: Effective Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

* Our Immune System: Aromatherapeutic Uses of essential oils for Strengthening our Immune System

* Natural Beauty: We will explore natural products and their powerful effect on our face. Reduce wrinkles, improve tone and elacticity. Delicious.

* Sensual Scents: A couples workshop where we will explore the effects of essential oils on sex drive. You create a custom aphrodisiac blend and we will discuss less toxic lubricant solutions.

* Perfumery 101: We will blend our custom scents while discovering top, heart and base notes. Less toxic gorgeous scents created by you.

Aromaste Clinical Aromatherapy Products: Top 10

1. Aromatherapy Custom Roll-on Formulas: Headache, Slumber, Anxiety, Meditation, Wild Woman, Immunity, Joy, Aprodisiac

2. Rosewater: Versatile rosewater toner for gorgeous skin, wrinkles, anti-aging *may also be used on baby's bottom as a gentle effective wash

3. Aromaste's Signature Blend Massage Oil: A relaxing and joyful blend of essential oils in a grapeseed base. My families favorite.

4. Sweet Sugar Rose Body Polish: exfoliating and invigorating scrub and moisturizer to be used in shower or bath. Leaves you smelling and feeling gorgeous!

5. Coconut Lime Lip Balm: A tropical treat for your lips made with extra virgin organic coconut oil and essential oil of lime. Delish.

6. Jojoba Face Lift in a Bottle: organic jojoba oil is combined with a proprietary blend of essential oils to create my daily moisturizer and skin protectant. Simple and highly effective. a little dab and your skin will glow. My daily go to!

7. Epsom Salt Detox Bath Blend: epsom salts and essential oils to soothe an achey body and pull out toxins.

8. Sweet Dreams Lotion: lavender and chamomile essential oils in a lucious cream that may be applied before bed for kids from 1 to 92.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9. Diaper Rash/Multi-purpose Skin Salve: a pushup stick of essential oils, skin protecting oils with a bit of beeswax for baby's bum, burns, bruises and more. The mama's always come back for this product.

10. Bug Off!: child safe, non toxic super effective bug/insect repellent spray

* Custom roll-on blends for specific concerns, conditions.

* Yoga mat spray/Meditation blends/insense for Yoga Studios and Yogis

*  Child safe sunscreen/bug repellant

* Skin salves/balms/lotions for specific skin conditions and healthy skin maintenance.

* Relaxing, therapeutic bath salts and  aromatic sugar body exfoliants

* lipbalm


If man knew, he had not lost his primorial wisdom, he would find that he has not been expelled from Eden. He still lives in Paradise, but he does not know it because the knowledge has been expelled from his spirit. ~ Eleanor Sinclair Rhode

Completing my certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist is just the beginning of an exciting path unfolding for me.

This journey began when searching for effective, alternative skin care products and natural medicinal options for my four beautiful children. I took a class from Amy Jane Stewart, B.S., L.M.T., C.A. (Organica Jane) and her passion for such alternatives was truly contagious! It ignited a fire within me to learn as much as i could and pursue a formal education in Aromatherapy. 

I am in the process of launching my small business: Aromaste', Clinical Aromatherapy as well as launching my website:

My background in education and experience teaching will serve me well as I seek to teach others about the wondrous world of essential oils. It is my goal to continue learning from Andrea at the Institute and to let this knowledge ripple out as a drop of precious essential oil does in water.

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~ Aromaste',

Kate O'Hara

B.S., Clinical Aromatherapist