Graduate: Susan Frey

Susan Frey

Susan Frey
Aromatherapy For Wellness

Windsor Mill, MD

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I have developed an aromatherapy program here in Maryland where I meet the health and wellness needs of people and their animals through aromatherapy. Some of the activities that I do here are:

  • Consult with People and their Pets about how to use aromatherapy for health and wellness
  • Teach Aromatherapy Classes on human and animal topics
  • Organize and Maintain the Central MD Aromatherapy & Wellness Meetup Group 
  • Consult and work with Vets and Grooming facilities to bring Aromatherapy to their clients
  • In the process of organizing an aromatherapy conference for MD





Here I am with Darren Hardy, the Publisher and Editor of Success Magazine. He had some great things to say at his lecture.

I have developed a large network of Aromatherapists here in Maryland and we offer monthly meetings to come together and share. Info can be located at:

Central MD Aromatherapy & Wellness Meetup

My website is:

Come join me on!  I am in seveal great Aromatherapy and Animal Groups!