Graduate: Tamera England

Tamera England

Tamera England
Nature's Kiss Aromatics

Louisville, KY

Handmade, mostly organic, aromatherapeutic products made with only the highest quality ingredients. Clinical aromatherapuetic sessions also available by appointment; healing massage with clinically effective essential oils offered to all clients.


Mother of 2, grandmother to one. Owner of Nature's Kiss Aromatics and lifelong student of herbalism and aromatherapy. Deep interest in all alternative health practices as well as religion and religious philosophy. I feel that alternative health practices and religious practices often go hand in hand. I hold a Master's Degree in Religion and a Doctorate in Religious Philosophy; as well as my certification from Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oil Studies. Taking steps to become registered with the ARC and join the NAHA and AIA in the near future; and I also intend to complete Aromahead's Scholars Program within the next two years. Former corrections officer and CNA. Very politically active.