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by Andrea on September 8, 2008

We recently had the privilege of working with the United Aromatherapy Effort. They are currently accepting donations for hurricane relief. While Gustav is no longer an active threat, Ike remains a danger and the hurricane season is not yet over. We’d like to call attention to this unique charity!

From the United Aromatherapy Effort Website:

The United Aromatherapy Effort, (UAE) is a not-for-profit Charitable organization born out of the September 11th tragedy. The mission of UAE is to provide stress relief and aromatherapy to relief workers during emergency work and afterwards. We collect and disseminate donated aromatherapy products to those affected by disaster in conjunction with chair massage. It is for this reason that the United Aromatherapy Effort teamed up with the Emergency Response Massage International (ERMI) to provide assistance to those dedicated and heroic individuals. ERMI’s mission is to provide a 15 minute stress relief chair massage to first responders and relief workers following a disaster or other critical incident. Historically we have responded to NY (2001), Florida Hurricanes (2004) and most recently the Gulf Coast affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Updated Information

The UAE can utilize any ready to use products: They need gallons of bug spray (with extra labels), empty spray bottles for the bug spray, inhalers of all types (uplifting, allergies, sinus, stress, sleep) and any other sprays/roll-ons. They can also take balms, lotions, and shampoos.

They UAE needs aromatherapy supplies that are simple and basic for everyday use. Whatever you can send, they will put to good use. If you have the time, please attach a label worded: DONATED TO www.unitedaromatherapy.org FOR DISASTER SUPPORT.

Your name/company will be posted to the UAE website in appreciation of goodwill.

United Aromatherapy Efffort
c/o Sylla Hanger, Founder
16018 Saddlestring Dr
Tampa FL 33612

NOTE: For immediate details of what has been received and what is needed, please call Geraldine. Pass the word.

Geraldine Zelinsky, UAE Assistant Director
6051 Roma Dr; #202
Shreveport LA 71105

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Geraldine Zelinsky September 9, 2008 at 9:52 am

God bless you all! Here is an update: Yesterday, I drove a load of the donated goods to South Louisiana. WE ARE STILL IN DIRE NEED OF MOSQUITO REPELLENT! It will be at least one month until power is restored to the lower half of the state. If you can get product to me, I will make another run to put it in the hands of those who need it most.

We can also use Soap, Shampoo, Air Purifying Misters, Spray bottles, etc. Please contact me directly at your earliest convenience for current/ongoing needs. MONEY ALSO HELPS US TO PURCHASE ITEMS WE ARE IN NEED OF.

Whatever you can do to support this worthy cause is gratefully appreciated.
Many kind thanks,
Geraldine Zelinsky
318 518 1187


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