April 2011

Part one of this post gave excerpts from four of the aromatherapy blogs I recommend. Part two of this post offers four more blog excerpts for your reading pleasure! If you enjoy these excerpts, be sure to head over to the blogs to leave comments and interact with the authors.  Tell them Andrea at Aromahead […]

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In my last post about aromatherapy blogs, I linked to eight blogs I read regularly. I thought you might enjoy reading some excerpts from each of those blogs. There are so many wonderful voices in the aromatherapy and essential oils community, and there’s always more to learn! I’m posting the first four excerpts in part one […]


Discover our Favorite Aromatherapy Blogs

by Andrea Butje on April 20, 2011

I love to read blogs! Every morning I sit down at my computer, go to my Feedly reader and check in on the blogs I’m currently reading. I read a wide variety of  aromatherapy blogs and business related blogs. Since you’re here reading my blog, I’m guessing you might enjoy reading blogs as well. Subscribing […]


Now that’s a great title for an aromatherapy conference! The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) is a vibrant organization run by a wonderful group of dedicated Aromatherapists. The following quote is from the conference flyer: “The AIA International Aromatherapy Conference & Wellness Expo is where progressive aromatherapists and professional practitioners will gather to explore the […]


A New Component Database

by Andrea Butje on April 10, 2011

Aromahead Institute recently launched a new Component Database, a subscription-based online tool for researching essential oil components and their therapeutic actions.   A component database subscription gives you access to exclusive datasheets compiled by Andrea Butje and Robert Tisserand. Each datasheet includes a molecular structure illustration, chemical family, therapeutic properties, medicinal actions, safety concerns, notes and […]


Vanilla Infused Jojoba

by Andrea Butje on April 10, 2011

Making your own vanilla infused jojoba is easy! Add about a half of an ounce of vanilla oleoresin (1 tablespoon) to a gallon of jojoba (3.75 litres). After about two weeks, your jojoba will be infused with the rich aroma of the vanilla. You can let this oleoresin sit in the gallon until you finish […]