Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life

by Andrea Butje on July 28, 2013

Andrea Butje Andrea Butje
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Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life

Here is a list of recipes that you can use for the daily stuff, cold, flu, sleep, mouthwash, deodorant and more!

Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life | Frankincense Essential Oil Uses: 3 Recipes - The Aromahead Blog

Recently I was in an aromatherapy class, and each person in the room talked about their favorite essential oils. More than half the group mentioned Frankincense essential oil! It's not surprising-there are so many amazing Frankincense essential oil uses. Well, I felt right at home, because I also adore the aroma of Frankincense essential oil.

Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life | Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep - The Aromahead

We all love to sleep well. This bath salts recipe can really help! It's one of my favorite essential oil recipes for sleep. I have a lot of essential oil recipes for sleep, and I especially love this one in pink bath salts. But you can use any natural salt you like.

Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life | Aromatherapy Mouthwash Recipe - The Aromahead Blog -

Looking for an aromatherapy mouthwash that tastes great, is made of natural ingredients, and actually gets the job done? I've found that rinsing with peppermint hydrosol is a simple and effective aromatherapy mouthwash. Peppermint hydrosol is great for taking care of your teeth and mouth.

Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life | Natural Deodorant Recipe - The Aromahead Blog -

Are you having a deodorant crisis? Don't sweat it! Try this natural deodorant recipe. There are all kinds of natural deodorants out there, and whether they work seems to be hit-or-miss depending on what's right for your personal body chemistry. Maybe you've even gone on the hunt for a natural deodorant recipe you could make yourself.

Essential Oil Recipes for Daily Life | Muscle Tension Aromatherapy - The Aromahead Blog -

When it comes to muscle tension, it makes perfect sense to apply a relaxing, pain relieving blend topically, right over the area that is sore. So why a muscle tension aromatherapy inhaler? The answer lies in the connection between your nervous system, and muscle tension and pain.

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