Edie Pett

  • Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

Drawing on 30 years of experience in the natural healing realm, owner Edie Pett has come to deeply respect the profound ability of the body to heal. She utilizes a variety of approaches that includes iridology, German new medicine education, aromatherapy, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic protocols, as well as detoxification and healthy lifestyle choices.

Donation: "Seeds", an encaustic painting on wood panel (featured to the right). Encaustics (from the Greek Enkaustikos meaning to heat) is a very ancient method of painting with melted beeswax, plant resins and pigments. From the very first moment painter Edie Pett fell deeply, madly in love with this medium—from the delicate aroma of the melted beeswax, the sublime fluidity as it glides across the surface, the magic alchemy of repeatedly using heat on the multiple layers to the gorgeous glean of the buffed finished piece.

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