Make Sandalwood Rose Essential Oil Perfume

April 24, 2017

Essential oils smell good…naturally. I like to smell good, too…naturally! So it probably doesn’t surprise you that I’m a huge fan of making my own essential oil perfumes. I’ve created many recipes for hard perfume balms and roll-on blends over the years, and I record my favorites so I can make them over again. 

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FREE Webinar! All About the New Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program at Aromahead!

April 17, 2017

Have you ever dreamed about teaching your own Aromatherapy classes? Maybe you teach Aromatherapy classes already, and you’ve experienced the deep happiness that comes from educating others about our precious essential oils. It can make your heart glow with warmth to receive feedback from students telling you how they have supported their health (or the […]

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How to Nourish Your Heart with Floral Essential Oils

April 10, 2017

Flowers remind us of the beauty all around us. Just imagine the way a bouquet can accent a room, bringing out its beauty and making you feel happy to be in the space. Flowers can also remind us of the love and support we have. I think that’s why they’ve always been a popular gift […]

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What dilution is right for essential oil massage blends?

March 27, 2017

When I make essential oil Massage blends, I usually stick to about a 2% dilution. 2% Dilution 1 oz (30 ml) — 10 to 12 drops 2 oz (60 ml) — 20 to 24 drops That’s assuming I’m doing a relaxation massage, and not blending for any specific issue. If I just want to encourage a calm […]

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Teaching Aromatherapy is one of the sweetest joys in life!

March 20, 2017

I will never forget the day I knew I wanted to teach Aromatherapy. At the time, I was running a Massage Therapy school with Cindy Black. We used carrier oils at the school, but I had not focused much on essential oils. Then one day, I noticed a beautiful catalogue for a new essential oil […]

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Aromatic Carrier Oils and Butters (+ a perfume recipe!)

March 13, 2017

Blending with essential oils and creating amazing scents is what often pops up first in our minds when we think of Aromatherapy. It’s also fun to blend with aromatic carrier oils and butters, learning their properties and the ways they affect your recipes. Some carrier butters and oils have amazing aromas. Others are very mild, […]

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