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A New Component Database

by Andrea Butje on April 10, 2011

Aromahead Institute recently launched a new Component Database, a subscription-based online tool for researching essential oil components and their therapeutic actions.   A component database subscription gives you access to exclusive datasheets compiled by Andrea Butje and Robert Tisserand. Each datasheet includes a molecular structure illustration, chemical family, therapeutic properties, medicinal actions, safety concerns, notes and […]


Community Farms in South Africa: A Small Miracle

by Andrea on February 28, 2011

We recently received this story about community farms from one of our South African distillers and would love to share it with you! We have a very poor community in Bela Bela, who have quite a lot of land available to them because of the size of their tribal boundaries. (Bela Bela is about fours […]


Distiller Spotlight: Florihana in the South of France

by Andrea Butje on February 10, 2011

Florihana is a distillery in the south of France. This is their mission statement: “At the foundation of our commitment to create the Florihana distillery were two main aims: respect for nature and development of highly therapeutic certified organic products for aromatherapists.” I believe they have accomplished both! Florihana uses organic farming techniques for plants […]


Blogging is a journey! While I sit here at my computer, in serious contemplation,  I try to imagine how I can connect with you through writing. What can I write that will support your essential oil education? How can my blog posts actually change and grow your business or personal life? Can I find ways […]


A blogging milestone: Over 100 posts

by Andrea on May 20, 2010

I’ve now written over 100 blog posts! My first post was in the summer of 2008, almost exactly two years ago. This feels like a blogging milestone, a place to pause and reflect. I love writing about essential oils, distillers, importing, traveling, teaching and ways small businesses can grow on the web. I also love […]


The Sweet Smell of Success

by Andrea on October 24, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Success! Over the years, I’ve read many business books and articles full of aromatherapy business tips. I’ve listened to advice from other business owners, engaged in classes online, read business blogs, subscribed to magazines, and watched videos. I’ve sought advice on marketing and advertising approaches, managing employees, and setting up a […]