Aromatherapy Certification Program

Most typical aromatherapy education schools are held in buildings that look like something like an office complex. Aromahead Institute has never been a typical school!   Our Settings While the logistics of Aromahead Institute are those of a typical school, we have unique classroom settings in Ithaca, NY and Sarasota, FL. We believe in small […]


Lately, we’ve had quite a few readers contact us asking what the benefits of an aromatherapy certification are. Education is a personal journey, and every student has their own reason for pursuing an education in aromatherapy. While a few take the Aromatherapy Certification Program for personal enrichment, most would like to enhance or begin a […]

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When I started working with Andrea Butje two years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils. My concept of aromatherapy was limited to a general sense that Lavender was calming and Bath and Body Works carried a minty stress-relief lotion. As I began working on the Aromatics International website, I was shocked to learn […]

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