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A Great Way to Give Thanks to Essential Oil Distillers!

by Andrea Butje on January 25, 2016

Edit: The raffle is now closed! Check the blog on Monday, February 3, 2016 to see the list of winners. Botanica2016, the international Aromatherapy conference created by Rhiannon Lewis, brings together scientists, educators, essential oil distillers and those passionate about herbal medicine and Aromatherapy. Aromahead Institute is raising money to cover the costs for three essential oil distillers to […]


Great Blog Posts

by Andrea Butje on December 3, 2012

I’ve recently read some really inspiring blog posts that I want to share with you! So here you are–the great aromatherapy blogs round up! 1. Meridian Massage Institute’s Blog: written by Cindy Black. (Trust me to lead off the aromatherapy blogs round up with a blog about massage! But I couldn’t resist.) This blog is funny, […]


In my last post about aromatherapy blogs, I linked to eight blogs I read regularly. I thought you might enjoy reading some excerpts from each of those blogs. There are so many wonderful voices in the aromatherapy and essential oils community, and there’s always more to learn! I’m posting the first four excerpts in part one […]


Ylang Ylang

by Andrea on December 26, 2010

Aromatics International imports their Ylang Ylang (Canaga odorata) essential oil from a South African distiller who has been in the essential oil business since 1983. Along with being an exceptional Ylang Ylang distiller, Clive works with rural communities and emerging farmers to establish crops specifically for essential oils. His daughter, Jessica, works with him in […]

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Essential Oil Profile: Bergamot Mint

by Andrea on June 14, 2010

Common name: Bergamot Mint Latin name: Mentha citrata Bergamot Mint essential oil is one of my favorites. The aroma is minty with citrus undertones and very fresh! It contains two significant chemical components–linalol and linalyl acetate. So what’s significant about linalol and linalyl acetate? Properties of linalol: airborne antimicrobial, analgesic (always welcome!), calming, antibacterial, anti-fungal (candida), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, […]


5 Salt Scrubs I Love

by Andrea on May 25, 2010

Want to know some of my favorite blends for salt scrubs? I leave mine right in the shower or by the tub, and use them every few days. If I want to use them on my face, I substitute the salt for brown sugar and the rest of the recipe stays the same.     […]