Aromatics International

I recently came across a great new essential oil diffuser called the Spa Mist. I bought one to try out, and I have been really pleased with the results. It’s quiet, has cool optional colored lights, and fills our living room with essential oil. The Spa Mist is an ultrasonic humidifier and adds moisture to […]


Growth and Change After our adventurous years creating and expanding Aromatics International, we are pleased to pass this inspiring venture on to a new owner! Aromatics International’s focus is on providing batch specific GC/MS tested essential oils to customers dedicated to using trust-worthy natural products. Because we’ve put so much effort into creating Aromatics International, we […]


2009: Celebrating and Reflecting

by Andrea on December 18, 2009

What a great year!       Are you inclined to reflect at the end of the year? My tendency is to work, learn, create, and then work more… and on the cycle goes! Sometimes during the course of the year, I forget to pause and notice the growth in our businesses. The end of […]