cindy black

Aromatherapy and Massage!

by Andrea Butje on January 18, 2013

Cindy Black and I have been writing our new online class, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists, for almost a year now. It’s finally done and published, and people are registering! Cindy made a funny ad one night when we had been writing all day and we were delirious. (It makes me laugh every time I see […]


Tropical Flower Essences

by Cindy on March 25, 2009

Cindy Black has created a tropical Flower Essence kit! This luxurious Flower Essence kit includes 12 different flower essences created from the luscious flowers in our organic Florida garden! The kit comes with a chart describing each Flower Essence and how it can support your health–emotionally and physically. Each Flower Essence was lovingly made by […]