I am currently writing an aromatherapy e-book on using essential oils in everyday life. I’ll be sharing the oils we love, the ones that nourish us, and the blends we can’t imagine living without. When I reflect on how deeply integrated essential oils are in my life, and how they are my main source of […]


I have learned some amazing things while working with essential oils in my home, which I would like to share with you. I started dabbling with essential oils after being given a bottle of Lavender. I’m thinking this is probably where everyone starts their adventure into this amazing field! My first very important lesson was […]


Today’s guest post is by Aromahead graduate, Kim Brooker. In the past, smells and scents never really meant a lot to me. Sure, I’d smile when inhaling jasmine flowers in my garden, feel relaxed when I used my lavender bath salts, and conjure up memories of my childhood up north when I smelled a pine […]