I am currently writing an aromatherapy e-book on using essential oils in everyday life. I’ll be sharing the oils we love, the ones that nourish us, and the blends we can’t imagine living without. When I reflect on how deeply integrated essential oils are in my life, and how they are my main source of […]


Allergies driving you crazy?  You have noticed a surge in your symptoms, as well as a surge in television and radio commercials promoting various over the counter and commercial allergy medications. Want to avoid using medication and calm your allergy symptoms naturally? The first step is avoidance. You can take a lot of cautionary measures […]


Cold sore remedies can be seen at pharmacies, grocery stores, and on television all the time. While some people may have success using prescription treatments, others go on a quest to find a natural cold sore remedy that won’t let them down. After several years of formulation, Andrea Butje recently blended a highly successful natural cold […]


Lip Balm – A Love Story

by Maria on July 7, 2008

I’ve never enjoyed the waxy feel of over-the-counter lip balm. When people talk about their lip balm addictions, or my girl friends reach into their purses for gloss several times in the course of a few hours, I’m the one scratching my head. I just don’t get it. To me, chapstick feels like rubbing a warm candle on my […]


In this video, Andrea guides you through creating and using an essential oil aromatherapy inhaler. This respiratory blend is great for allergies, cold, flu, or sinus congestions. If you’d like to follow along and make your own aromatherapy inhaler, you’ll need: Eucalyptus Radiata Eucalyptus radiata Balsam Fir Abies balsamea Opopanax Commiphora guidotti A blank aromatherapy inhaler […]

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All Natural Bug Spray Recipe

by Andrea on June 11, 2008

Fight Bugs Naturally and Smell Good Doing It! As spring rolls into summer, bugs are often people’s number one complaint. Mosquitoes and other biters are a nuisance in just about every region. They can really put a damper on summertime fun. Until recently, the solution has been obvious: buy bug spray, and spray it on […]