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3 Blends for a Yoga Mat Spray

by Andrea Butje on March 26, 2013

Essential oil yoga mat sprays are excellent! They not only clean your mat—they support your health, and their wonderful aromas help you keep that “yoga calm” even longer. I made a short DIY video showing you how to make a very simple essential oil yoga mat spray. The recipe is called Calm and Clean. Calm […]


Essential Oils for the Winter Season

by Andrea Butje on January 7, 2012

I know–it’s not really fair for me to write about essential oils for winter. I live in Florida! But I’ll justify it because I lived in Ithaca, NY during the winters for many years! I know all about scraping car windows, black ice and freezing cold feet. I had a few essential oils for winter […]


Eucalyptus Dives

by Andrea on January 12, 2010

Eucalyptus dives is a unique essential oil that I love having in my collection. It’s especially good for reducing thick mucus–great for that cold or flu that you just can’t shake and the congestion is driving you crazy! You can steam with it, put it into a chest rub, dilute it in an unscented lotion […]


Green Oils to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

by Maria on March 16, 2009

Everybody knows you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t have to wear green or drink green beer either. Try diffusing green oils to bring the spirit of the celebration home! Green oils are bright, herbal and refreshing! Sweet Basil essential oil smells like fresh basil leaves.  Sharp, bright, and […]

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Holiday Essential Oils and Aromas

by Maria on December 8, 2008

The wonderful scents of holiday essential oils are a big part of the holiday experience. A quick trip to your local grocery store or mall will have you inundated with candles and diffusers scented with cinnamon, baking smells, pine, and other “holiday scents.” Are there holiday essential oils that can provide any experiences like this? […]