Advanced Graduate Program

Continue to hone your skill by learning advanced chemistry that supports therapeutic blending. You’ll practice using GC/MS reports as a decision-making tool, learn a variety of advanced blending techniques, and gain familiarity with a number of lesser-known essential oils. You’ll also get a significant amount of hands-on practice treating real people with guidance and feedback from your personal case-study instructors plus lifetime access to Aromahead’s extensive, thoroughly-researched component database.

Certified Aromatherapists
125.0+ Hours of instruction
5 lessons

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About this course

Aromatherapists seeking to enhance their skills and career. This course offers an advanced study of essential oil chemistry and blending techniques, focusing on the in-depth exploration of essential oils' chemical components, molecular structures, therapeutic properties, and safety considerations. It's meticulously designed to elevate your understanding and application of aromatherapy to a professional level, ensuring your knowledge is both comprehensive and grounded in solid research.

Course Highlights:

  • Detailed Essential Oil Chemistry: Explore the individual chemical components of 27 essential oils, understanding their molecular structures and therapeutic properties.

  • Safety and Efficacy: Gain in-depth knowledge about the safe use and efficacy of essential oils based on solid research.

  • Advanced Blending Techniques: Master 8 advanced blending techniques, enhancing your skillset for creating effective and safe aromatherapy blends.

  • Empowering Wellness Professionals: Ideal for medical and wellness professionals seeking to enhance their aromatherapy knowledge and application in clinical or therapeutic settings.

  • Confident Application: Build confidence in using essential oils to improve wellness for yourself and in professional practices, supporting others with informed and skilled applications.

After completing this course you’ll be able to

Tailored Blending Strategies: Learn to select the most effective blending approach for each individual or situation, ensuring personalized and effective outcomes.
Mastery of Advanced Blending Techniques: Gain proficiency in 8 advanced blending techniques.
In-depth Understanding of Essential Oil Science: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the science and research explaining how and why essential oils work.
Prioritizing Safety in Aromatherapy: Acquire a thorough knowledge of safety considerations in aromatherapy, maintaining a focus on safe practices with all oils.

In addition, you'll also

Effective Communication Skills: Develop the ability to clearly and confidently explain the mechanisms and benefits of essential oils to others, enhancing your educational and professional capabilities.
Proficiency in Analyzing GC/MS Reports: Master the skill of reading gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) reports,
Swiftly identify the medicinal properties and safety considerations of any essential oil, even those unfamiliar to you.
Become acquainted with new essential oils, while reassessing and discovering new benefits of familiar ones.
Practical Blending Experience: Gain valuable hands-on experience in creating blends tailored to specific health challenges, enhancing your practical skills in aromatherapy.
ersonalized Feedback and Guidance: Receive extensive feedback on your blends from your personal case study instructor, providing you with insights and improvement areas for your blending techniques.
Course Outline

125+ hrs

27 Essential oils covered

Level 3 NAHA accreditation (Also accredited by AIA, IFPA & AADP)

Lesson 1
  • A deeper look at gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing
  • Advanced essential oil chemistry
  • Potential drug interactions when using essential oils
  • Aromahead’s potent percentage charts
  • Blending from a single component perspective
Lesson 2
  • An introduction to isomers
  • The Monoterpene family
  • The Sesquiterpene family
  • 7 additional blending synergies
  • ow to use carrier oils, butters, and non-oil based carriers
Lesson 3
  • The Monoterpenol family
  • The Sesquiterpenol family
  • The power of Linalool (Linalol), a potent therapeutic component found in many essential oils
  • How to make your own hand cleansers & salt scrub blends
Lesson 4
  • The Phenol family
  • The Ether family
  • Important safety considerations
  • Aromahead’s approach to dilution
  • An effective cold & flu chest lotion blend
Lesson 5
  • The Aldehyde family
  • The Ketone family
  • The Ester family
  • All about preservatives & antioxidants
  • Blending multiple oils with the same components
Lesson 6
  • The Oxide family
  • Antioxidants & free radicals
  • A deeper look at component structures
  • Plant families & plant parts
  • Instructions for case studies
  • How to complete your final exam

Aromahead provides the best online instruction available anywhere, In addition to the excellent curriculum and materials, they provide thoughtful ongoing support.

- Melissa Rodgers

There is so much support and encouragement … I never felt alone. Aromahead wants you to succeed and they back their program with real support and love.

- Mary Kate Santulli

The online classrooms are formatted beautifully and make it easy to learn at one’s own pace. I was especially impressed with the scope and quality of information offered.

- Melanie Manavi

Learn from the experts

Andrea Butje is your guide throughout this program

Andrea Butje

Founder and Instructor

Helping students master the art and science of essential oils is my passion and life’s work.

  • Founder & Instructor
  • Founder: Finger Lakes School of Massage
  • LMT
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA): Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013

How it works

Begin by registering for the course, which is your first step towards advancing your aromatherapy knowledge.

Once registered, you'll gain immediate access to all the course materials, allowing you to start your learning journey right away.

Aromatherapy Certification Program
User-Friendly Platform: All course materials are hosted in an intuitive, user-friendly online classroom, designed for easy navigation and engagement.

Instant Availability: As soon as you register, you can dive into the course content, exploring the comprehensive materials prepared for your education.

Self-Paced Learning: Study at your own pace, fitting the course around your personal and professional commitments.

Ongoing Access: You will have ongoing access to your version of the course for as long as our school operates. While we can't use the term 'lifetime' due to its legal ambiguity, we assure you of continued access to the course materials as long as Aromahead Institute is active.

Questions & Answers
What type of classroom environment does the online platform offer?
The course provides a user-friendly online classroom accessible anytime, ensuring a flexible and convenient learning experience.
Are there interactive elements in the course?
Yes, the course includes interactive videos, webinars, blending exercises, and hands-on projects to enhance your learning and practical skills.
How is learning reinforced in the course?
Review questions are provided throughout the course to help reinforce your learning and solidify your understanding of key concepts.
What materials are provided for the essential oils covered in the course?
You'll receive quick-reference datasheets and detailed GC/MS reports and research summaries for each of the 27 essential oils studied.
Is personalized support available during the course?
Absolutely, you will receive individual feedback and support from a dedicated case study instructor to guide your learning journey.
Are there any discounts on products available to students?
As a student, you’ll get 15% off essential oils and aromatherapy products for six months at Aromatics International.
Can I find resources for aromatherapy products and services through this course?
Yes, the course includes a list of resources for high-quality aromatherapy products and services, along with contacts at prominent aromatherapy organizations and journals.
What is the access policy for course materials and videos?
You will have ongoing access to your version of the course for as long as our school operates. While we can't use the term 'lifetime' due to its legal ambiguity, we assure you of continued access to the course materials as long as Aromahead Institute is active.
What is the guarantee and refund policy?
We understand the importance of your investment in our course. If you decide within the first 7 days that the course is not suitable for you, please email with a valid reason for a refund. A prompt refund will be issued. Note that refund requests are only accepted within the 7-day period without exception.
Is there additional access to aromatherapy resources?
You gain unlimited access to Aromahead’s searchable component database, valued at $750, enhancing your research and study.
Is there a community aspect to the course?
You'll have unlimited access to a private community forum to connect with instructors and fellow students, fostering a supportive learning environment.
Does the course offer any form of accreditation?
Yes, the course is accredited by well-respected, industry-leading organizations, adding significant value to your professional development. This course (in addition to our ACP course) gives you all the education requirements needed to achieve NAHA’s Level 3 status. Upon completion of this course you will be ready to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.
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