Essential Oil Spotlights

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Natural Anxiety Relief with Essential Oils

Natural Anxiety Relief with Essential Oils

Feel confident in your ability to support yourself + others to reduce anxiety–100% naturally.

Explore some of the most powerful anxiety-relieving essential oils, and the research behind WHY they work. Learn about three essential oil components that have been proven to calm the nervous system, ease anxiety, and even help reduce pain! And you will be taught how to make 3 easy recipes that can help prevent and treat symptoms of anxiety all day long. 

Cardamom Essential Oil Spotlight Class

Essential Oil Spotlight - Cardamom

A little sweet, a little spicy, a LOT of benefits!

Cardamom essential oil is a friend when you need support with (are you ready for this list...?) digestion, deep breathing, clearing congestion, relieving pain, supporting immunity, mental focus, feeling energized and grounded, getting your circulation going, and more!

This 2-hour immersion class (accompanied by a 1-hour Q&A) will teach you how to safely and effectively use Cardamom essential oil, building your confidence so you can explain its actions clearly and use it creatively in your own Aromatherapy work.

You’ll learn Cardamom's therapeutic uses, safety considerations, chemistry, and more. In addition to studying Cardamom essential oil in depth, you'll "meet" 12 other essential oils that support Cardamom's work, learn about baobab oil (a luxurious carrier oil), and study essential oil chemotypes.

After Cardamom's class, you'll understand the many different aspects of this versatile, friendly essential oil!

Frankincense Essential Oil Spotlight Class

Essential Oil Spotlight - Frankincense

Andrea has created an online class about Frankincense essential oil!

This class is a chance to settle in for a few hours and get to know this calming, nourishing, restoring essential oil. If you already love Frankincense, this is a great way to meet new sides of an old friend. And if you're not familiar with all of Frankincense’s talents, this webinar offers the perfect introduction. It has so many beautiful therapeutic uses.

You'll also learn how to make stick incense, two excellent diffuser blends, an effect natural deodorant, a blend to reduce neck pain and seven ways to use Frankincense hydrosol. With dynamic and engaging content, Andrea also guides you through the aromas, medicinal properties, and energetics of seven other essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight Class

Essential Oil Spotlight - Lavender

Have you ever wished for a class about a single essential oil, so you could study it from multiple angles and really get to know it?

This three-hour online Lavender Spotlight Class allows you to do just that with a popular essential oil: Lavender! The Lavender Spotlight Class features exciting recipes and offers an introduction to Lavender essential oil’s chemistry.

You’ll also learn about blending for children and making body butters with nourishing carriers. With inspiring and personal stories, Andrea also guides you through the aromas, medicinal properties, and energetics of eight other essential oils.

Orange Essential Oil Spotlight Class

Essential Oil Spotlight - Orange

Ready to bring some sunshine into your blends? So is Orange essential oil!

This two-hour webinar class is an immersion study of Orange.

In one concentrated chunk of time, you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Orange—how it's produced, its therapeutic effects, its chemistry, safety concerns, and more. Get to know the five ways Orange can shine in your blends, and the one reason it's so good at everything it does—from helping you relax to cleaning your kitchen (the same reason makes it perfect for both!)

In addition to studying Orange in depth, you'll meet six other oils it blends beautifully with, learn how to make your own vanilla-infused jojoba, get a lesson on citrus essential oil chemistry, and learn to blend with phototoxic citrus oils safely.

After this webinar, you'll experience more confidence blending with Orange to create specific benefits—benefits you may not have thought of before!