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Advanced Anatomy and Massage: The Neck

Assessment, evaluation, and approaches for successfully treating common neck conditions

Instructor: Cindy Black


Just seven vertebrae, yet so many possible motions!

Chronic and acute neck pain is a common issue for many people. It’s time to clarify those muscle locations, attachments, and actions in your mind, so you can get better results when treating your clients.

By combining precise evaluation techniques with an approach of gentleness and curiosity, you can more successfully relieve your clients’ acute and chronic neck issues. You'll be more confident, and your clients will thank you!

What you will learn:

•    Cervical muscles: locations, attachments, actions
•    Cervical vertebrae structure, location, palpation landmarks
•    Vertebral and disc articulations
•    Range of motion assessment and evaluation
•    Evaluation and treatment of common neck signs and symptoms
•    Locations of meridians and acupressure points indicated for neck pain

Get better results when treating:

•    Whiplash
•    Cervical disc bulge and herniation
•    General pain and tension of the neck
•    Spinal Nerve Impingement

A detailed understanding of cervical anatomy, range of motion, pain referral patterns, muscle attachments and actions leads to better treatment outcomes. Learn from video demonstrations of evaluation techniques, muscle testing, and hands-on techniques. Refine your palpation and observation skills with the author's specific guidance and exercise suggestions.

Immediately applicable to your practice, learn theory and tools that enable you to expand the scope of your practice.

NY and Fl Massage Therapist earn 16 CEUs!


Anyone can take this class, although it's designed for hands-on professionals.