Anatomy and Physiology for ACP

Instructor: Cindy Black


Our beginner friendly 76-hour Anatomy and Physiology Self-Study Course is tailored specifically for students of Aromahead Institute's Aromatherapy Certification Program.  However, it is also of great use to anyone interested in a fun, dynamic introduction to A & P.

Let the wonders of the human body unfold as you learn at your own pace. Students engage in a series of interactive lessons and links to diverse educational resources on the web.  Written in a friendly, casual tone in order to make A & P easy and fun to comprehend. 

Whether you’re seeking an Aromatherapy Certification or not, this course will broaden your understanding of how the human body functions. We cover all the systems of the body, cells, tissues, and few more surprises. Common pathologies associated with each system are presented in an understandable way.

This course fulfills the Anatomy and Physiology requirement for both the online and in-person Aromatherapy Certification.

Quick Facts

  • Permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and any subsequent updates to the course content, even after you have completed the program. You have permanent access to the course materials!
  • Start the class the moment you complete your registration
  • Work at your own pace and on your own timeline
  • Interact with Cindy on an online forum where you can ask questions

About the Author

Cindy Black, L.Ac. is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Licensed Massage Therapist. She co-founded the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 1994 with Andrea Butje, where she taught Anatomy, Sports Massage, and Oriental Medical Theory. Cindy is the founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing.


Open to everyone interested in A & P.