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I really liked how Andrea explained everything! First she showed the video, and then taught the recipes. Step by step progression.

I also loved the data sheets! I made copies for my notebook, highlighted them, referenced other books for added tips, made notes, and smelled the essential oils while doing it! I now have a great notebook of the oils I have on hand and recipes I am hoping to try!

Andrea, thanks so much for making these classes available online and sharing your wisdom.

- Kellie French

The Natural Living class was extremely easy to navigate. It was filled with wonderful information and fantastic recipes. Any classes that I have taken from Andrea have always been rewarding. The diffuser blends I use on a daily basis. For my office space I use a daytime focus blend of lemon, black spruce and eucalyptus. At home I use a relaxation blend of lavender, clary sage and ylang ylang. The Natural Living class was a lifesaver for my sinus issues. Thanks to Andrea I was able to create an inhaler with eucalyptus, inula and frankincense.

- Cathi Galvin


Thanks to the Natural Living Class & webinar I had a great week. I have these bizarre allergy attacks and no amount of allergy medicine stops it. It starts off with an itchy nose, and then moves to frequent sneezing and finally watery eyes and runny nose combined with sneezes and itching nose!

I had an attack this week and used the allergy inhaler and allergy shower drops, the earache blend, and cold inhaler blend and acute cold/flu bath salts from the Aromatherapy for Natural Living class.

I was able to go the entire day without sneezing my head off or a runny nose and every time my nose itched I used the allergy inhaler. The second day I found that the cold inhaler worked better and by midday I didn't need either anymore.

All of the nose issues lead to earaches and the earache blend worked within 60 seconds. I had to use it about 3 times, but each time the pain went away within a minute or so. Success! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!

- Lisa Wright Burbach

Aromahead Institute is a great Aromatherapy school. The blending is my favorite and it is due to how Andrea teaches it with an intelligent delivery and application examples. I got to study at my own pace, and in the comfort of where ever!! I study as I travel. I never would have had the confidence I have had I not studied at Aromahead. Andrea is 100% genuine and an exceptional human. I am blessed and proud to be her prodigy

- Jacie Ann Crowell