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Aromatherapy Certification Program Online

Instructor: Andrea Butje


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The online 235-hour ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program) allows students to experience an education with the Aromahead Institute through our exclusive digital curriculum. Through the online textbook and references, access to exclusive videos, case study assignments, and dozens of blending activities, students become professionally qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils.

The Aromatherapy Certification is approved by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA); both leading governing bodies for national educational standards for aromatherapists. Certification also qualifies you to sit  for the Aromatherapy Registration Council exam (ARC).

Course Overview

Our curriculum includes activities and videos, as well as meticulously crafted directions for case studies that will enhance your experience and intuition as an aromatherapist. We will cover a variety of topics relating to aromatherapy, essential oils, science and business:

Essential Oil Study
History of Essential Oils
Safety and Contraindications
Methods of Extraction
Quality of Oils
Blending Techniques
Methods of Absorption

Anatomy and Physiology
Carrier Oils
Methods of Application
Consultation Skills
Alternative Medicine
Business Skills and Ethics
Essential Oil Chemistry

Goals and Objectives:

  • Prepare students to become qualified in the safe and therapeutic uses of essential oils.
  • Help students develop a career or compliment existing healthcare practices with a clear understanding of the scope of aromatherapy.
  • Give a thorough working knowledge of the therapeutic and energetic aspects of essential oils.
  • Prepare students to confidently consult with clients, evaluate which essential oils would be appropriate in a given situation, and ensure they can use them safely and effectively.
  • Instruct students in the creation of a variety of body care products for personal self-care and professional use.

This is an entry-level, in-depth class, open to all learners. No previous aromatherapy training is required. Once you have enrolled, you may begin your class right away. Students may study at their own pace. Most students finish between 4-6 months, some take a year or longer. There is no required time frame for completion. 

Upon successful completion of the Aromatherapy Certification, graduates can confidently work with essential oils, are proficient in blending therapeutic products, and may call themselves a Certified Aromatherapist.

Many of our students go on to:

  • Develop a new career in aromatherapy.
  • Enhance an existing health care practice through the use of essential oils.
  • Use essential oils for personal growth, self-care, and holistic and alternative medicine.

Graduates of this online course have gone on to create essential oil retail businesses, web retail stores, therapeutic product lines and holistic and alternative medicine consultation services.

This is an independent, self-study program. If question arise while you are learning, we have an online forum established for asking questions and sharing experiences. Your question's will be answered by both Andrea Butje and Aromahead Institute graduates. Feedback on your case studies and research paper will be provided by Andrea and the Aromahead team.

Requirements for Aromatherapy Certification

In order to receive certification from Aromahead Institute, and call oneself a Certified Aromatherapist, students must:

  • Complete all elements of the Aromatherapy Certification (20 case studies, an 8-10 page paper and a final exam).
  • Complete Aromahead Institute’s online Anatomy and Physiology class and final exam, written especially for Aromatherapy students (included in your ACP tuition-no extra cost).
  • Pay tuition in full. If you paid with a payment plan, your payments must be completed to receive your certification.

Your online Aromatherapy Certification Program package includes:

  • Online access to exclusive course material, organized as seven guided lessons.
  • Free online access to Aromahead Institute’s Anatomy and Physiology class.
  • An extensive private list of resources for quality products and services.
  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry reports (GC/MS) provided so you can learn how to read them.
  • Original aromatherapy recipes developed by Andrea Butje.
  • Data sheets for each essential oil studied.
  • Information about various aromatherapy organizations and journals.
  • Discounts on materials and kits at Aromatics International.
  • Permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and any subsequent updates to the course content, even after you have completed the program. You have permanent access to the course materials and videos!

Video Content:

The online ACP includes exclusive access to custom videos that cannot be found elsewhere. In the Aromahead ACP video library, instructor Andrea Butje guides students through chemistry, question and answer sessions, blending exercises, and more. You may view each video as many times as you like.

For a preview of the videos, view the official trailer for our exclusive video library. This short video provides clips from several of the videos included in the Aromatherapy Certification.

Quick Facts:

  • You have permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and any subsequent updates to the course content, even after you have completed the program. View each video as many times as you like.
  • Start the class the moment you complete your registration.
  • Work at your own pace and on your own timeline.
  • Interact with Andrea Butje and Cindy Black on an online forum where you can ask questions and share experiences.

CEU’s: This program is approved for Massage Therapy by NCBTMB and in New York and Florida for 90 hours.

Tuition and Payment Plans

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Anyone may register for this class. No previous Aromatherapy training is required.

Required Materials

Supplies are not included in the tuition. You may use your own supplies or purchase them.

We have designed two optional kits with essential oils, carrier oils, and bottles needed to complete the blending exercises in this course. The kits are sold separately through Aromatics International. 

Beginners Kit
Advanced Kit

View the essential oils and supplies covered in the course here: Aromatherapy Certification Program Advanced Kit

Important Note: purchasing a kit is optional. If you have your own essential oils and supplies you may use them. The class can be completed using your own essential oils. You may also begin the class without supplies, however eventually you will need a small collection of essential oils, carriers and bottles to complete your case studies.