Aromatherapy Courses

Introduction to Meridian Massage

Instructor: Cindy Black


Learn how to affect the Qi of the meridians and points with simple hands-on techniques.

Explore common points to reduce stress, pain and anxiety in order to support overall health.  Based on theories of Yin and Yang, Qi, and Meridian Flow of Chinese Medicine, Acupressure is an effective method for harmonizing the energy flow of the body.

What you will learn:

    •    The energetics of Yin and Yang and their manifestations in the human body
    •    The nature of Qi and how Qi flows through the 12 regular meridians
    •    How to locate, palpate and treat at least 50 commonly used acupressure points
    •    Be able to effectively integrate acupressure with your Massage Therapy skills

This class provides a solid foundation for hands-on professionals wishing to incorporate the benefits of Meridian Massage into their practice. All technique is shown and practiced on a massage table in order to facilitate easy integration of the work into your existing practice.


Organized into seven lessons of progressive learning. Study at your own pace anywhere in the world! Course materials include original written references, photos of every point, learning exercises, and 14 video demonstrations of locating meridians, points, and meridian massage techniques.

You will have access to an online question and answer forum to support your learning. There is no time limit for completion, once you register, you will always have access to the course for future reference.


16 CEU's for Fl and NY Massage Therapists


Anyone may take this class.