How to Protect Your Family from Colds and Flu Using Essential Oils

Instructor: Andrea Butje


Do you come down with at least one cold or flu every year? What about your kids? It’s no fun! I used to get a nasty cold every winter, and it’s hard to forget the misery of them.

In 1998 I started using essential oils for self-care, and since then I have come up with some incredibly effective recipes that really worked to keep me free of colds all year! I created this 3-hour video class to teach you which essential oils to use and how to make the blends. I’m confident that you can use them with the same success that I did.

In this video class you'll learn how to keep your family safe from colds & flu using five essential oils. I will teach you exactly which oils will kill germs in the air and prevent infection. You really can improve your resistance and your overall health using these essential oils. It’s so comforting to know that you can improve your immunity and rarely get sick. (And it works—I’ve only had one cold in the last seven years!)

You'll learn to make eight essential oil blends to prevent colds & flu (and reduce symptoms if you do get sick). These blends will support your immune system and strengthen your resistance--plus they smell great! I’ve shared these essential oil recipes and techniques with thousands of people, and have seen great results over the years.

I will also teach you how to use chemistry to decide which essential oils are good recipe substitutions or additions when you’re blending. Once you learn this scientific approach to blending, your blends will quickly become more effective. (Don't worry if you are not well versed in chemistry, I have developed an innovative teaching approach that makes learning essential oil chemistry fun and easy!)


This class is open to anyone seeking a comprehensive introduction into the practical application of essential oils to protect against colds and flu.

Required Materials

Supplies are not included in the tuition. Many students choose to take the class, and then decide which recipes they want to make and what supplies they want to purchase. Aromahead Institute does not sell essential oils, but we do suggest several online essential oil web stores.