Teacher Training Program Terms and Conditions

Aromahead LLC.
Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies

I understand the following:

  • My tuition for this class is non-refundable.

  • The payment plan is processed automatically every 30 days until the remaining balance is paid in full. Any tuition paid is non-refundable but will remain as credit in your account. If monthly payment is not made, access to the class will be put on hold until payment is resumed.

  • All prices for this program are printed herein. There are no additional charges or interest charges connected with this program. Contracts are not sold to a third party at any time.

  • I am receiving my Teacher Training certificate when I complete this program. I am not receiving my Aromatherapy Certification.

  • I am being trained to teach under my own name or the name of my own business or school.

  • I am not being trained to be an Aromahead Institute instructor.

  • There are no Aromatherapy supplies required to complete the Teacher Training Program.

  • I am being trained to teach students the safe use of essential oils as currently known by Aromahead Institute’s instructors. I am not being trained by Aromahead Institute to teach the use of essential oils internally, for animals, or for infants or children under five.

  • I am being given the copyrights to the three teaching manuals, 52 essential oil datasheets in the course, and may adjust them as I please (under my own copyright).

  • I am not being given the copyrights to Aromahead’s Teacher Training Program course materials.

  • The Aromahead copyright may not be used on any of my class manuals, datasheets, or handouts. I may add my own copyright to:

1.  The three manuals provided in the Teacher Training Program (the manual for the One-Hour, Two-Hour, and Three-Hour Classes, and the manuals for the One-Day and Two-Day Classes).

2. The 52 datasheets provided in the Teacher Training Program.

  • The content in the Teacher Training Program is designed specifically for teaching live classes, face to face with students. I am being given the copyrights to the three manuals and 52 datasheets in the Teacher Training Program for in-person teaching, not for use in an online program.

Online education requires unique skills, tools, communication, and an approach that are not being taught in this Teacher Training Program.

  • The Teacher Training Program prepares me to teach classes that last one, two, or three hours, and one or two days. For reference, a two-day class is generally about 14 hours of teaching.

  • The three teaching manuals and 52 essential oil datasheets may only be used for teaching classes once my tuition is paid in full.

  • I do not hold Aromahead LLC., or Aromahead Institute, responsible for any of the actions performed in my classroom, either by myself or by my students.

  • I do not hold Aromahead LLC., or Aromahead Institute, responsible for any adverse effects I or my students my experience related to, or seemingly related to, the use of any products, supplies, instructions, information, or suggestions offered in this program, via email, or through personal or written contact from anyone on the Aromahead Team.

I confirm that I have read this enrollment agreement, and have understood the contents.

By proceeding to the next page, I agree to be bound by this agreement and understand that any violation of said agreement may, at the discretion of Aromahead LLC., result in my exclusion from the program without refund of tuition, and will hold Aromahead LLC., harmless with respect to such exclusion.