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Aromatherapy Certification Program

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What is the Aromatherapy Certification Program?

Our 235-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP) is a great way to become professionally qualified in the therapeutic uses of Essential Oils. Being a Certified Aromatherapist helps people understand your dedication, and creates trust when people are just getting to know you.

You Will:

  • Build a strong foundation for a career in Aromatherapy OR complement your existing career or practice.
  • Create blends to support people with specific health challenges...and receive feedback + support from your personal case study instructor.
  • Earn TWO certificates – designating you first as an Essential Oil Specialist, then as a Certified Aromatherapist.

The Aromatherapy Certification Program is approved by The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) — both leading governing bodies for educational standards for Aromatherapists.

What supplies do I need for the Aromatherapy Certification Program?

You will need some supplies in order to try the blending exercises and complete your case studies in this program. You may use your own supplies or purchase them (supplies are not included in your tuition). Aromatics International has designed some beautiful kits with all the essential oils, carrier oils, and bottles you’ll need. These kits are optional and sold separately through Aromatics International. You may also begin the class without supplies, but eventually you will need a small collection of essential oils, carriers and bottles to complete your case studies.


Click here to see the kits from Aromatics International.

Approximately how long will it take me to complete the Aromatherapy Certification Program online?

It depends! Some students earn their certification within 4-6 months, whereas others take a year or more. The program is completely self-paced, which means you can slow it down or move through it more quickly, depending on your learning style and availability. You’ll have permanent unlimited access to your course materials and the Aromahead online forum – as well as any subsequent updates to the course content – even after you’ve completed the program.

What is a case study? How many case studies will I complete to become a Certified Aromatherapist through the Aromatherapy Certification Program?

Case studies are your opportunity to apply all that you’re learning by making blends for people and getting feedback! Putting theory into practice brings your learning full circle. We are confident that your experiences with case studies will be fun and educational for both you and the “clients” you make blends for. You’ll complete a total of 20 case studies, working with 5 “clients” (meeting them 4 times each).

I know someone who is interested in participating in the case studies but lives too far away to meet in person. Is it acceptable to meet with them via Skype and mail their Aromatherapy blends?

Yes! You may work with people from a distance and mail their blends.

I just paid for the online Aromatherapy Certification Program and clicked on the "Enter Class" link for the first time. How do I get to the content?

Just click the “Orientation” tab to get started. Read the Orientation carefully for instructions and it will get you well situated.

What is an Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist®?

We created this certificate option for our students who are ready to deepen their knowledge of Essential Oils, but for a variety of reasons they don’t feel the need for an official certification. Whether you want to become an Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist® or a Certified Aromatherapist, you need the same exact education to be able to help people use Essential Oils safely and effectively to improve their health and well-being. When you become an Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist®, you gain the confidence, credibility, and education you need to share your love of Essential Oils with the world.

What’s the difference between an Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist® and a Certified Aromatherapist?

The Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist® Certificate is an option within the Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP). As soon as you complete the 7 lessons of the ACP, pass the final exam, and your class is paid in full, you will have your Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist® Certificate!

You have access to the full Aromatherapy Certification Program when you enroll to become an Aromahead Essential Oil Specialist®. At any time in the future, for no additional cost, you can continue your education and complete the requirements to become a Certified Aromatherapist. The team at Aromahead will work one on one with you so you can complete the requirements.