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Can I use my own Essential Oils?

Yes! If you have a collection of Essential Oils you are welcome to use them during your course.

Do you sell Essential Oils?

We do not sell Essential Oils (or any products) at Aromahead Institute, as we’re focused on Essential Oil education. We do recommend a wonderful online store called Aromatics International. They offer excellent quality organic, GC/MS tested Essential Oils, carrier oils, and other Aromatherapy supplies. You can visit their online store at

Are supplies included in my tuition?

Supplies are not included when you enroll. Some students choose to begin the class, and then decide which recipes and blending exercises they want to try. This allows them to purchase their oils and supplies over time, as they make their way through the course instead of buying them all upfront. You’re also welcome to use oils and supplies you already own.

Where can I get Aromatherapy supplies to complement my education?

We offer a range of options in the resources section of each class. For example, you can purchase excellent quality, GC/MS tested Essential Oils, organic carrier oils, bottles, and many other supplies at Aromatics International.