Gift Cards


Help a Friend Learn to Use Essential Oils Safely + Effectively with an Aromahead Gift Card!

Learning to use essential oils successfully can change someone's life!

When you give the gift of Aromatherapy education, you help someone use essential oils to NATURALLY…

…Reduce allergies, get pain relief without "side effects," support emotional balance, prevent infections (including colds), clean their home without chemicals, care for children naturally, understand safety considerations, master making their own blends, and so much more!

Your gift card purchase can be for any amount, starting at $50. Your friend can use their gift card for ANY of Aromahead Institute's online classes! You can also purchase one of Aromahead's classes for someone else.

It's no exaggeration to say that relying less on over-the-counter medications and harsh chemicals, and more on natural remedies like essential oils, can be life-changing. Success starts with education!