Graduate: Abolore Adekoya

Abolore Adekoya

Abolore Adekoya
Natural N'Stincts Wellness Institute

Virginia Beach, VA

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Natural N’Stincts Wellness was founded in 2018 by Abolore Adekoya MSN, RN who combined her love of health, wellness, and Aromatherapy to create products and services to help those maintain healthy hair and skin.
I’m on a Mission to create a wellness center that incorporates healthy living, good nutrition, holistic approaches as the main ingredient for having, restoring, and maintaining healthy skin and hair. Combined with my hair and skin care products, my vision is to make you feel beautiful inside and out.
Recognizing common skin and care concerns, I developed and created a revolutionary platform that features Health/Nutritional Coaching and the use of Essential Oils or Aromatherapy to assist in creating good skin and hair care routines. My skin care and hair care products is a staple mark in my wellness center that helps me design or create a plan for you. All my products are specially tailored to each person’s needs or wants. The products are sold online and exclusively in my wellness center.




I am a Registered Nurse of 20 years now embarking on a journey to open my own wellness center. My center will focus on skin and hair concerns. Within my practice I plan on making my own products infusing them with all natural ingredients which includes Essential Oils. Please visit my website

What I loved about Aromahead:

I loved the ACP Certification course. I learned so much about the uses of Essential Oils, how to blend with perfection and how to make sure my blend are therapeutic in intent. I plan taking the Teacher Certification.