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Ally Kuo

Ally Kuo
Ally's AromaRemedies

Chicago, IL

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Now the healing power of nature’s most essential elements are available in the comfort of your very own home – exclusively from Ally’s AromaRemedies.

Established in 2008, Ally’s AromaRemedies is dedicated to sharing the natural healing power of aromatherapy through personalized attention and use of the finest ingredients from around the world. Whether you are a long-time devotee of aromatherapy or trying it for the first time, Ally's AromaRemedies has just the thing to improve your health and wellness – naturally.

Ally’s AromaRemedies was founded by Ally Kuo, Certified Aromatherapist and enthusiast of natural herbal remedies. Ever since discovering the amazing effect that natural oils and herbs had on her own health, Ally has dedicated her life to sharing this special knowledge with others. Backed by this passion and knowledge, Ally’s AromaRemedies can help you find the health products and services that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


I have been in love with aromatherapy since very young. Born and grew up in Taiwan, I came to U.S for advanced study in 2004.

Graduated from Integrated Marketing Communications (M.S) from Northwestern University, I went back to what I was familiar with all these years, marketing.

However, at that time I wasn't truly happy and deep down there's a calling. Ending up the endless cross-state moving in the past couple years, I moved back to my half-hometown Chicago and started to pursue what I really am passionate about. Yes. Essential oils and aromatherapy!

I met Andrea and Cindy in 2007. I attended Andrea's workshop of "The Business of Aromatherapy" and decided to receive my complete aromatherapy education with her since then.

Nowadays I spent my entire time focusing on my aromatherapy business. I do essential oils importing, individualized consultation and blending, also created a line of Signature Massage Oils for those who never try aromatherapy before and would like a easy start!

It's my mission that I'd love to simplify aromatherapy and make aromatherapy blended in people's daily life.

Just like how I put my slogan, "Blend the Essences Into Life"