Graduate: Amy Jane Stewart

Amy Jane Stewart

Amy Jane Stewart
Organica Jane

Trumansburg, NY

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Organica Jane was founded by Amy Jane Stewart, B.S., Licensed Massage Therapist and Nationally Certified Holistic Aromatherapist.

Amy Jane has been interested in essential oils ever since she was formally introduced to them while living in France in the early 90's.

Amy Jane's services include Therapeutic, Organic Massage Therapy incorporating thoughtful personalized blends for each client.

Her services also include:  Essential Oil Consultations and Educational classes.

Her small but successful product line is a result of many years of study and reformulations to support the health needs of her community.  They are available online @

She is very passionate about educating people about the safe and therapeutic use of essential oils while raising awareness around synthetic chemicals found in personal care products, our food supply and commercial household cleaners.

Amy Jane also appeared on the Dr. Oz show in 2010 where she shared her natural remedy for dry, cracked hands!


AROMATHERAPY classes completed at Aromahead Institute:  

* Advanced Practitioner's Seminar, November 2009
* Virus, Essential Oil Chemistry & Cancer, November 2009
* Advanced Graduate Program, March 2009
* Advanced Aromatherapy Workshop, October 2007

* Teacher Training, November 2006
Aromatherapy Certification, September 2004

CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY classes completed with Rhiannon Harris (Essential Oil Resource Consultants):

* Muscular/Skeletal Disorders, October 2010
* Dermatology Disorders, October 2010
* Supporting the Terrain, June 2009
* Genital-Urinary Disorders, June 2009
* Digestive Disorders, April 2008
* Pregnancy, April 2008
* Intensive:  Exploring the Interface of Absorption, February 2008
* Cancer Care, April 2007
* Respiratory Disorders, April 2007
* Level I Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy, 2005

* Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, RJ Buckle Associates, 15 hours, June 2006
* Phytomolecular Systematic Interfacial Aromatic Medicine Course, Daniel Penoel, MD, France, July 2007