Graduate: April Harmon

April Harmon

April Harmon
Elemental Healing & Holistic Health, LLC

Newington, CT

I am a dedicated Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, a Master Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Healer, I believe in all these supportive modalities. I love working with people to bring healing to their lives. We all have a journey to walk and for some it can be tougher than others. I focus on pain relief blends, supportive inhalers, and much more. I listen to what the client is looking for and I work with them to find just the right supportive blend for their needs. I find this a personal experience for everyone, and it can be amazing. However, I do keep a small inventory for those blends that can work for all. 

Aromatherapy is an amazing supportive tool that can real make a difference in one’s life. My clients have experienced amazing results with personalized blends. The difference in the lives of some has been extremely beneficial. The feedback has been positive, giving me a lot of encouragement to continue with this combined holistic practice. I am currently creating a website to reach those people in my area who could use extra support in their lives.


I’m a mother of two grown children, and love hiking, walking, being creative with crafts and being one with nature.

What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead Institute was very supportive as I went through the program. No question was too small or too big. All the teachers were quick to respond and assist. Their feedback was so helpful as well; especially when you go through your clinical studies. They offer at least one webinar in each lesson which really breaks up the self-study format.  These were helpful, informative and educational, ensuring understanding of the material. I did a lot of research prior to selecting Aromahead Institute and I believe I have a top-notch education, knowledge base and supportive back up going forward.