Graduate: Cary Caster

Cary Caster

Cary Caster
21 Drops

Delray Beach, FL

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My business is called 21 drops. It is a thoroughly modern line of therapeutic grade essential oils created to counteract the effects of our thoroughly busy lives. Our artisan blends are 100% natural. Tried, tested and incredibly effective. Designed for use anytime, anywhere. 21 Drops. Aromatherapy like you’ve never known it. 21 universal complaints. 21 custom blended solutions. 21 Drops.


Over the past twenty years, between raising three children and treating family, friends and neighbors with her own custom blended essentials, Cary continued to pursue her studies, earning academic and clinical degrees in anatomy, physiology and blending from Aromahead Institute  and other Institutes abroad in the UK and France.