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Claudia Jaramillo

Claudia Jaramillo

Pembroke Pines, FL

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Our cold process soaps are lovingly made with vegetable oils (olive oil, coconut oil), botanicals, essential oils and fragrances.


Since 500 B.C., the benefits that olive oil on the body has been widely known. Olive oil soap can also be healthful to the skin, as well as being an antioxidant; it stimulates new cell generation, slows the progression of wrinkles, and gives skin a youthful look. Extremely mild, it also helps people with a variety of skin conditions. Unlike regular soaps, you can be sure that after using olive oil soap you would not experience dry itchy skin. The best part is that olive oil soap is completely natural and will not harm the skin texture in any way.

Cold process soap definition:

Cold Process soap making is the act of mixing fixed oils (common oils include Olive, Coconut, Avocado, etc...) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or Lye),lye sounds a little scary, but all the caustic qualities of the lye are removed during the process. The result is a chemical process called saponification, where the decomposition of the oils changes with the help of the lye to create a bar of soap. Patience is a virtue as this process involves a 4-6 week curing time.

When the lye interacts with the oils or fats, it creates glycerinCommercial soap manufacturers make it a practice to remove the glycerin that is produced during the saponification (soap-making) process. The glycerin is a highly profitable substance, often sold to other companies who use it to make lotions and moisturizers, which your skin, now dried out from the harsh detergent 'soap,' desperately needs.

The cold process method takes the most time than others, but is undoubtedly the best method for producing the highest quality soaps.


To sum it up, the best soap for your skin and our planet is a handmade cold process soap bar!!!


I'm exited of discovering the amazing world of healing the body and the soul using aromatherapy. I'm dedicated to develop my new business.

And now some words in Spanish:

Haber descubierto las maravillas de la aromaterapia ha sido muy gratificante, el curso fue extraordinario y el respaldo de Andrea maravilloso.