Graduate: Dale Grados

Dale Grados

Dale Grados
Attune Aroma

Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta based Attune Aroma is the progeny of certified clinical aromatherapist and active National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy member Dale Grados.


When most people hear the term aromatherapy, they usually think of scented candles and soaps. While these products can be comforting, Attune Aroma deals more with using organic essential plant oils to support health and wellness.


Since essential oils carry the medicinal properties of their respective plants, they address specific physical symptoms all while comforting mind and spirit with their soothing, heavenly aromas. This mind-body connection is the first step towards natural healing and exactly where the subtle beauty of holistic aromatherapy lies.


At Attune Aroma, only the highest quality essential oils from independent suppliers are used.  Big brand essential oils commonly found on the shelves of health food shops are typically inferior in quality due to their rushed production and high demand. Freshness and quality are of the utmost importance when using essential oils for treatment so we stick with small batch, family run distilleries. This guarantees an effective therapeutic experience each and every time and once you experience the difference you will never go back again!


*Licensed Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist

*Certified Aromatherapist

*Certified Foot Reflexologist

*Usui Reiki Master