Graduate: Desahlee Nito

Desahlee Nito

Desahlee Nito
Aurae Natura Essential Oils Inc.

Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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More than being a business for profit. My hope for Aurae Natura is to be a sustainable enterprise that makes a difference in the lives of others especially the poor through aromatherapy related products and communicating a meaningful brand message. We are still in the start-up phase and we have a few essential oil blends on hand together with essential oil diffusers hand-painted by women rescued from trafficking in the Philippines.

As we go along, we hope to be able to give Filipinos more access to therapeutic quality yet affordable essential oils that also provides carefully researched information on uses and safety. Also, even further down the road, my hope for Aurae Natura is to be able to support Filipino farmers to cultivate essential oil yielding plants and source from them to help uplift their quality of life.


I have been an employee in the corporate world for the most part of my career but have now taken a leap into the world of aromatherapy and entrepreneurship. I started Aurae Natura Essential Oils Inc. even when I was still a student of aromatherapy with Aromahead but focused mostly on selling essential oil diffuser blends and training the rescued women from our partner organization to properly hand-paint diffusers so it can augment their income.

I am also a certified life coach / Christian cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner and part of the proceeds from the sales of our products provide scholarships for social workers so they can be life coaches and be more effective in supporting the aftercare of women and children who are rescued from trafficking and abuse in the Philippines. I would also like to further explore the uses of aromatherapy to help victims of trauma and abuse with their symptoms but nonetheless recognize the primary role that a genuine saving faith plays in the lives of the victims in order to arrive at true and in-depth healing on different levels – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and consequently, physically.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I love everything about Aromahead! But what I love the most is the dedication and passion of everyone in the team in educating and providing much needed reliable and credible information in relation to the practice of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is after all a world that is gradually being opened up and there is so much room for discovery and I feel so blessed to take this journey guided by Andrea and her team!