Graduate: Fai Chan

Fai Chan

Fai Chan
Deli Aroma LLC

Lakeway, TX

I founded the company in 2014.  I try to incorporate holistic concepts into my business models in healing ailments.


I used to be a homemaker, and  have been searching the right career for myself.  I was not so eager to work to earn a living but I changed my mind after getting the certifications in aromatherapy.  I am very sure that I want to be a writer. To a certain extent, I am somehow a "professional" writer -- writing aromatherapy articles.  I am planning to write/co-author books in aromatherapy.

Update (July 28, 2015): I am a clinical member of AIA (CMAIA) since July 1, 2015.


What I loved about Aromahead:

Aromahead is a great school, and Andrea is a great teacher.  I am a graduate of the ACP and AGP.  Before I completed my ACP, I already got my articles published.  Not even completed AGP, I already got my article published with international journal/magazine.  Andrea is a very talented teacher who has a knack for teaching.  I was not doing good in my chemistry in school, but I now can speak the language fluently.  I even do in-depth study outside the class.

I enrolled in every course provided by Aromahead, and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to pursue in the area of aromatherapy.