Graduate: Grace Richardson

Grace Richardson

Grace Richardson
Essentially Healthwise

Anaheim, CA

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Essentially Healthwise promotes self-care using doTERRA essential oils and other natural and clean products and modalities like reflexology, chiropractic and acupuncture.  Our mission is to equip families and individuals with tools through on going education.  We believe in the power of essential oils, we have seen it in our very own lives and the lives of those that we have been able to educate.  Used correctly, essential oils will support the body so it can heal itself.


I am a small business owner, a wife, a mom and a grandmother.   I have always been business oriented, working all the time.  Although I have had great business success, since becoming a grandma, my focus has shifted.  My focus became quality of life, activities with family, like travel.  Especially after going through some personal health issues, health issues do have a way of stopping you on your tracks.  This also made me realize my greater purpose, even at this late age.  Teaching families that they have control over their health and that they can self-care using natural products and holistic services.

What I loved about Aromahead:

I love the richness of the materials for studying, the quality of the people that oversee the students and the fun way that everything is presented.  This experience has spoiled me for other studies that I am doing!  Thank you, Andrea, I am looking forward to taking additional courses.