Graduate: Inka Plauštajner Gerkšič

Inka Plauštajner Gerkšič

Inka Plauštajner Gerkšič
Nature's Corner

Mirna, Slovenia

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As the founder of Nature's Corner ™ and the leader of natural cosmetics workshops my motto is: home-made products for each and every family! :) My workshops are all about bringing natural cosmetics and therapeutic products into our daily routines, all of this using only natures best ingredients. I absolutely love working with people and I can spend crazy amounts of time writing new recipes and formulating with essential oils :)

You can follow me at or my webpage (for now only in the Slovenian language).


I have been closely connected to nature since my early childhood. Living in a house with a garden, sitting right next to a forest and plenty of wild fields, one can easily find so many different healing plants, herbs and flowers, which we used in our daily lives. Studying aromatherapy has only expanded my knowledge and I am amazed by the power of essential oils! The most beautiful part of creating home-made products (cosmetics and therapeutic blends) is that we can adjust them to our own wishes and needs. Nothing we buy can be as perfect for us as an individually adjusted product. What more could we even wish for? :)