Graduate: Iris Cornell

Iris Cornell

Iris Cornell

Otisville, MI

HolisticResolution is a company that believes that stress can be managed simply. Stress is a negative in our life. HolisticResolution offers ideas to help others to reduce stress through simple and more natural measures. Meditation and Aromatherapy are guiding principles.


Nursing is a passion for me. Retired from clinical nursing practice, however, am a fulltime  Dean for a school of nursing online. My goal is to ignite the passion for others to become awesome nurses who will care for each of us. I want to increase their knowledge and skills in learning about holistic measures to promote to their clients.


  • 1981 RN
  • 2006 BSN
  • 2008 MSN Nursing Education
  • 2011 PhD in Education with Nursing Education specialization

I am becoming board certified as a Meditation Specialist so that I can teach the value of using this strategy to reduce stress and improve well being naturally.

I am continuing my studies of aromatherapy by completing the Scholars program. I will teach aromatherapy as well.

I also am certified in Holistic and Integrative Health. I belong to the American Holistic Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau, and the National League for Nurses.