Graduate: Jessica Beinars

Jessica Beinars

Jessica Beinars
Essence Aromatherapy

Foxboro , MA

Providing private aromatherapy consultations and personalized aromatherapy products.


Hi there!  My name is Jessica and I am the owner of Essence Aromatherapy.  I am a married mom of five wonderful kids.  I started using essential oils when I began having some minor health issues. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion of mine!  With the knowledge I have gained I now hope to help others along their journey using essential oils and to help people support both their physical and mental health. 

What I loved about Aromahead:

 Learning through Aromahead Institute was such a wonderful experience for me!  So informative and user friendly, I looked forward  to logging in to study.  I was so pleasantly surprised at the true sense of community that I felt with all of the support from other students, graduates and especially from all of the fantastic instructors who were truly with me every step of the way!